Top 10 unusual beaches that will leave you amazed

Top 10 unusual beaches that will leave you amazed

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The mention of the word ‘beach’ would ring in the images of the great time you had lazing around, sunbathing, sipping a drink or two or even frolicking in the water on your last vacation. But, how do these beaches form and what sets them apart? Formed by the result of the wave action (wherein, the water currents move the sand or other loose sediments, too technical!), the colour of sand on these beaches generally range from white to pale cream or caramel to golden, generally. But at some places around the world, sands are multi-coloured and can be of any colour of the rainbow or even more dramatic in appearance!

We have curated a list of the top 10 unusual beaches (sand colours!) around the world and we recommend you check these out when you are on these shores, next!

10.Hidden Beach

Where: Marieta Islands, Mexico  What makes it an unusual beach?

Proof that something spectacular and beautiful can originate from even the most devastating situations! The ‘hidden beach’ or ‘beach love’ (Playa del Amor) was created by the explosion of a bomb that landed accidentally here during military practices of the WWI. One-of-its-kind natural wonder, this beach is only accessible when the tide is low. Crystal-clear turquoise waters in a cavernous shell peacefully straddle against the white shores, creating a unique fusion which remains hidden from the eyes.

9.Pink Sand Beach

Where: Komodo island, Indonesia What makes it an unusual beach?

When you think of Indonesia, the first thing comes to your mind is the secluded resorts on white sandy beaches, coconut trees and below it sunbeds to laze on. The tranquil pink sand beach of Komodo Island is pigmented by washed-up coral fragments, which are dashed and ground to tiny pieces by the surf.

8.Green Sand Beach


Where: Papakōlea Beach, Hawaii What makes it an unusual beach?

The Papakolea Beach, situated close to the southernmost point on the Island of Hawaii, is a unique beach with green sands, one of the only four such around the world. The green sand of the coast gets its black-greenish shading from green glassy crystals (olivine gem) in the cinder cone that imparts the colour to the sand. The mystery of this Green Sand Beach is the unique blend of 49,000 years of old cinder cone with its olivine rich-magma spring of gushing lava.

7.Shell Beach

Where: Shark Bay, Australia  What makes it an unusual beach?

What can be more astounding than a Shell Beach? People generally look out for white sandy beaches on their vacation, but what if you find the beach that looks white, but is actually made of shells. The water close to Shell Beach is extremely saline and hence, the cockle shellfish has been able to proliferate abundantly without their natural predators resulting into covering the shorelines with their shells.

6.Red Sand Beach

Where: Kaihalulu Bay, Hawaii What makes it an unusual beach?

Just when you thought you have seen everything, there comes the news of a beach with red sand! The red sand on Kaihalulu Bay of Hawaii is an astounding natural phenomenon. The sand is coloured so due to the oxidization of iron-rich lava deposits and washed-up coral residues.

5.Ice Beach

Where: Jokulsarlon, Iceland What makes it an unusual beach?

Chunks of ice like huge gleaming crystals scattered over jet black bay! Need, I say more! The ice is from a glacier nearby while volcanic rock represents the black sand. The black volcanic sand on this Icelandic beach stands out beautifully along with the white and glossy pieces of ice.

4.Cave Beach

Cave beach

Where: Algarve, Portugal What makes it an unusual beach?

A dome-shaped sea cave protruding out from the cliffs. The natural beauty of this stretch of the Algarve coastline will leave you stunned as sunlight streams though natural orifices, acting as a spotlight on the fine golden sand. Located at about only 150 metres from the beach at Benagil, near Carvoeiro, this cave is best accessed from the sea – at low tide!

3.Black Sand Beach

Where: Punalu’u Beach, Hawaii What makes it an unusual beach?

Situated in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the unforgettable sight of Punalu’u Beach’s jet black sands with coconut palms fringes and the Hawaiian Green sea turtle basking on the beach is a sight to behold. The black sand on Punalu’u is formed by basalt lava, which erupts as it flows into the ocean and quickly cools.

2.Moeraki Boulders

Where: Koekohe Beach, New Zealand What makes it an unusual beach?

Extensive spherical rocks, looking like oversized bowling balls, are scattered over the shore of this Koekohe Beach. The boulders are said to have been formed by the disintegration and "solidification" alongwith the pounding of waves over hundreds of years. A similar phenomenon is found in California in United States of America.

1.Glass Beach/ Sea Glass

Where: Fort Bragg, California What makes it an unusual beach?

No one could ever have foresaw that a dumping place for the waste materials could become such a colourful and exceptionally stunning beach. This phenomenon happened in California, when the locals of California used to dump their garbage into an area of the coastline. Today, the glass all over the coastline is formed by the trashed materials that washed back onto the shore line and after being repeatedly pounded by the ocean water, turned the sandy shore into the colourful glassy one.

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