Top 10 Most Exotic Aquatic Flowers in the World

Top 10 Most Exotic Aquatic Flowers in the World

Our Earth is rich in flora and fauna. The abundant plant life throngs almost every part of the world making it awesomely beautiful. Moreover, Aquatic plants are a vital component of the plant kingdom.

Aquatic flowers are simply magical.In fact, Aquatic plants play a vital role in maintaining the equilibrium of the ecosystem.

They have adapted themselves to living in aquatic environments and are often referred as hydrophytes. Aquatic plants are usually found submerged in water, or at the water’s surface. They are major components of wetlands.

Here, we have featured top 10 most exotic aquatic flowers in the world.

10 Exotic Aquatic Flowers in the World

1. Lotus

Lotus is regarded as one of the most beautiful aquatic flowers that go on to heighten the beauty of any water garden. A pond garden is not complete unless it has a lotus flower in it. A Lotus flower can grow in any shallow pond or lake. It needs direct sunlight for growth, and warm climatic conditions are ideal for its survival.

It opens up in the morning and closes by the evening. The lotus flower and its leaves float in the water. Its leaves can be up to 20 inches in length while the flower can reach about 8 inches in diameter. They are usually white or pink in color and produce a pleasant fruity fragrance.

Lotus - Aquatic Flowers

2. Water Lily

If you are looking for the most beautiful aquatic flower in the world, then Water Lily can’t be simply left out. It is one of the most beautiful water flowers in the world. It comes in different types and colors. In fact, there are about 70 different species of Water Lily that exist in the world. The flower needs temperate and tropical climatic conditions and grows mostly in ponds, ditches, and other shallow water bodies.

It has broad and round shaped leaves. It exhibits a variety of colorful flowers including yellow, pink, red, white, blue, beach, orange, and purple. They have large leaves with floating flowers. One of the most famous examples of water lily is found in the Amazon River basin. It is known as giant water lily which is also the largest species of water lilies in the whole world.

Water Lily - Aquatic Flowers

3. Water Hyacinth

The beautiful Water Hyacinth aquatic plant is native to tropical South America. It is a perennial aquatic plant which floats on the water surface and can rise to one meter above the water surface. It typically grows in streams, lakes, ponds, as well as ditches. Water Hyacinths are characterized by thick, glossy, rounded leaves and have striking blue to violet flowers.

Its leaves measure 4-8 inches across, and their stalk is long and spongy. Its blooming season lasts from summer till fall during which it produces beautiful and attractive blue to violet flowers with six petals. Water Hyacinths usually require full sun to thrive. They have the capacity to absorb excessive nutrients from the water and are well at reducing algae from it. They are also very vigorous reproducer.

Water Hyacinth - Aquatic Flowers

4. Yellow Floating Heart

The Yellow Floating Heart is also known as Water Fringes. Its scientific name is Nymphoides Peltata. They belong to the aquatic family called Menyanthaceae. Their pristine beauty has earned them an uncrowned position in the ornamental floral community.

It is a native of Europe and can also be found in various parts of United States of America. Yellow Floating Heart leaves are quite similar to water lily in appearance. There are as much as fifty species of Yellow Floating Heart. Its flowers are typically yellow and white in color and usually, have lateral wings or small hairs.

Yellow Floating Heart - Aquatic Flowers

5. Water Poppy

Described as one of the nature’s most elegant floating plant, Water Poppy is truly a beautiful and exotic aquatic flower. Water Poppy is characterized by dark green, heart-shaped leaves and beautiful lemon-yellow flowers with red-brown centers. This floating aquatic plant is native to South America. Water Poppy has its mesmerizing visual appeal that is enough to hold the attention of any flower lover.

It can be a great addition to your water garden. It requires full sunshine and likes shallow ponds with calm waters. It has cup-shaped flowers which bloom between June and August. Its flowers are short lived usually lasting only for a day. However, they repeatedly bloom throughout the summer. The Water Poppy plant spreads across 18 inches on the water surface and can rise to 6 inches in height.

Water Poppy - Aquatic Flowers

6. Water Hawthorn

Water Hawthorn deserves its rightful place in any water garden as it is unquestionably one of the best aquatic flowers in the world. It is native to South Africa and grows in water six inches to two feet deep. This aquatic plant grows from a small bulb, and its floating leaves are long and narrow. It has attractive flowers which are usually white in color.

Water Hawthorn needs cool weather and is typically dormant during the hot summer months. It’s white, vanilla scented flowers show off in late winter or early spring. The best part about Water Hawthorn is that they are easy to care for and can also be used as an aquarium plant. The aquatic plant can take a height of about 10 cm and can spread across 2-3 feet on the water surface.

Water Hawthorn - Aquatic Flowers

7. Water Iris

Water Iris has the status of being one of the most popular aquatic flowers of pond garden owners. You would be simply fascinated to see Water Iris. Its flower comes in a variety of different species and in mesmerizing colors of blue, white or yellow.

It requires full sun; however, it can also grow well in partial shade. It is initially planted in a pot which then needs to be submerged in water for further growth.

Water Iris - Aquatic Flowers

8. Broadleaf Arrowhead

Broadleaf Arrowhead is a perennial aquatic plant. It comes with distinctive, broad arrowhead-shaped leaves. It has attractive white flowers which come in a whorled arrangement. You can see three or more flowers arranged around a stem. The Broadleaf Arrowhead plant is usually found in shallow waters, streams, and swamps.

Broadleaf Arrowhead is also popularly known as Duck-Potato. The aquatic plant grows to a height of 2-4 feet on the water surface. It usually blooms between July and September. Male, as well as female flowers, can be found on the same stem. The male flowers carry a group of attractive yellow stamens in its center which are absent in female flowers.

Broadleaf Arrowhead - Aquatic Flowers

9. Pickerel Weed

Pickerel Weed is typically native to Americas. It is a deciduous, perennial aquatic plant. It is commonly found in ponds, streams, and marshes of Southern Florida, Missouri, Ontario, Oklahoma, and Nova Scotia. Long, shiny, heart-shaped leaves are found in the Pickerel Weed aquatic plant. It produces tiny, tubular blue flowers on a spike.

The plant grows about 1-2 feet above the water surface. Their green, shiny, heart-shaped leaves grow to 10 inches in length. Their flowers bloom between June and October. On blooming, this plant adds a splendid beauty to the water surface and goes on to attract beautiful butterflies.

Pickerel Weed - Aquatic Flowers

10. Mosaic Plant

The Mosaic Plant is typically found in the tropical regions. It is a beautiful floating plant consisting of red and green diamond-shaped leaves in 3-6” wide rosettes. It usually blooms during the summer season and produces sunny yellow cup-shaped flowers.

The plant thrives in warm temperatures and needs sunny to partly shaded location. It spreads to about 24 inches in a single season. Its diamond shaped leaves form a mosaic-like pattern.

Mosaic Plant - Aquatic Flowers

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