Top 10 Marble Effect Tiles

Top 10 Marble Effect Tiles

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If you're looking for ideas for your wall and floor spaces, one surface trend immediately springs to mind - marble! The idea of 'bringing the outdoors in' and creating a natural scheme in your home have been popular for a while now - but marble is by far the hottest and most desired stone. It's characterful veining instantly adds timeless personality to an interior space. There's something about marble that just adds an instant grandness to a wall or floor space - probably because marble has been used in palaces and castles for thousands of years.

One problem with natural marble is that it's costly. Another is that it requires treatment and maintenance and that it stains and marks fairly easily - like all natural stones. That's where marble effect tiles come in handy. They're a durable alternative to natural marble, and they cost a fraction of the price! I've put together a list of top 10 marble effect tiles, so you can rest assured you're getting a super-stylish option...

1) Designer Look: Cachet Marble Effect Tiles

For a classic slab-of-marble look, with gorgeous grey veining draped over a white background, try these Cachet Marble Effect Tiles! They're so desirable, they were hand-chosen by the designer of the Good Homes Room Sets at the Ideal Home Show 2016, as shown below! Don't they look fantastic?

cachet marble effect tiles

2) Add Warmth: Elegante Marble Effect Tiles

Want something a little warmer? Raise the temperature of your colour scheme with these gorgeous Elegante Marble Effect Tiles! Browns are perfect for injecting a little warmth into your interior spaces! They allow for a cosy, snug scheme.

elegante marble effect tiles

If you like your interior styling to be that little bit different and unique, then you'll love these Voronoi Marble Effect Hexagon Tiles! They take the marble trend, with a realistic marble effect design, and apply it to another major design trend; the hexagonal shape! Perfect for creating an eye-catching honeycomb display!

voronoi marble hexagon tiles

4) Checkerboard Design: Otono Tiles

'Checkerboard' flooring designs have been popular for centuries; and they're often used in manor houses to add interest and character to the floor spaces. Black and white tiles are used to create a monochrome chess board design. With options in black and white, this range of Otono Tiles allows for a checkerboard display in a marble effect design!

otono marble effect tiles

5) Cream Perfection: Chrysos Marble Effect Tiles

With a creamy, atmospheric appearance, these Chrysos Marble Effect Tiles are another popular design when it comes to injecting a natural scheme into a bathroom or kitchen! They have a polished finish, which bounces light around the room, and brightens up the place!

chrysos marble effect tiles

6) Get Creative: Marble Effect Metro Tiles

Another option for those among you who enjoy being that little bit different, these tiles take the marble effect trend and apply it to the popular metro format. These brick shaped marble effect metro tiles are very versatile and can be used to create splashbacks, or to tile walls from ceiling to floor! They're even perfect for creating an interesting herringbone layout. They allow you to get creative with your decor! Choose from white and cream designs in 200x100 and 150x75 sizes.

marble effect metro tiles

7) Charming Grey: Sasso Stone Effect Tiles

A huge bestseller, these Sasso Stone Effect Tiles have a supremely realistic marble effect design in a gorgeous grey palette. Grey is a perfect base colour, when it comes to choosing the scheme for a room! Because grey is void of colour, it doesn't clash with any other colour! Similar to black and white, grey goes with absolutely anything! There are wall and floor options available, including eye-catching decor tiles, so you can transform a room from top to bottom.

sasso stone effect tiles

8) Lighten the Mood: Crystalline Marble Effect Tiles

The best way to brighten up an interior space is to introduce some white tiles to the floor space. The light colour will also help to make the room look larger, which is very handy when it comes to decorating a small space. These white Crystalline Marble Effect Tiles are perfect for achieving this.

crystalline marble effect tiles

9) Add Life: Cashmere Marble Effect Tiles

These gorgeous brown Cashmere Marble Effect Tiles are perfect for injecting warmth into a bathroom, kitchen, hallway, bedroom or living area! They have a shimmering polished finish, which will bring any floor space to life.

crystalline marble tiles brown

10) Veneto Marble Effect Tiles

A range of tiles with truly lifelike marble effect designs, the Veneto Marble Effect Tile collection is perfect for giving a room a naturalistic facelift, from ceiling to floor! Welcome this luxurious look into your bathroom, and create your own spa-styled retreat, where you can run a hot bath, lock the door, soak, and escape from the stresses and worries of life!

veneto marble effect tiles

There you have it - 10 gorgeous marble effect tiles - all perfect for helping you create a trendy, soothing natural scheme in your home, without breaking the bank, and without the labor-some treatment and maintenance that natural marble demands!

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